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6 Steps That WILL Get Your Home Sold


  1. Your home will be listed on all of the top real estate websites such as MLS multiple listing service,, Zillow, Trulia and syndicated to many more websites until your home is SOLD.

  2. Our real estate broker that has decades of experience will be available to you for full phone support prior to the listing, all the way to closing.

  3. You will be provided with a comparable market analysis at your request to help price your home at the right price for sale.

  4. A professional photographer will come to your home to take high resolution photography and do a virtual tour to showcase your home on all of the websites for the world to see.

  5. A professional lawn sign with your phone number or ours will be provided for local traffic visibility. (Please specify which sign you would prefer)

  6. A  combination lock box will be provided to enable realtors to enter your home with potential buyers with your permission.


This is everything needed to get your home sold quickly and your opportunity to save thousands to tens of thousands of dollars of your hard earned equity in your home.

All of this for ONLY $1,495 


List your home today with our very low Flat Fee and you can say I listed smarter with LISTEDSMARTER .COM


Choose the sign with your phone number on it to try and sell on your own and save all realtor commissions. If you do not have time or do not want to take calls from potential buyers and do not mind paying the realtor who brings the buyer a commission, then choose the sign with our number on it.

Please call or email us with any questions 


(Compared to paying a traditional listing realtor 3% commission and the selling realtor another 3% totaling 6%)

Example 1: If a buyer called you direct and you sold your house

Slide to your home value to see your savings(Here you save the entire 6% commission and only pay our very low flat fee)


Example 2: If a realtor brought the buyer who buys your house

Slide to your home value to see your savings(Here you save paying the traditional 3 % that the listing real estate agency would have charged for doing the same thing that LISTEDSMARTER.COM has done for you with our very low flat fee.)

Question: Is it really possible to only pay $1,495 to sell my home?

Answer: YES - If you take all calls from potential buyers directly and sell your home to a buyer yourself, there will be no realtor commissions to pay.

Question: What if I don't want to take phone calls from potential buyers and show my home to them?

Answer: No problem.

Scenario 1 - We will take all calls from potential buyers by placing the Listed Smarter phone number on your lawn sign and public websites. If we show and sell your home, you will still only pay our flat fee for listing and marketing your property plus the 2% to 3% commission that you would have paid to any realtor who brought the buyer for your home. You still save thousands to tens of thousands of dollars by not paying an additional traditional 2% to 3% to the listing realtor.

Scenario 2 - All realtors who need to make an appointment to show your home to their potential buyer will call you directly because your phone number will be on the MLS listing showing instructions, which is only viewed by realtors, not the public.

Question: How long will my listing run?

Answer: We will run your listing as long as it takes to get your home sold. Renewals are complimentary.

Question: Can I have my listing removed at any time?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How do I know if a potential buyer is qualified to purchase my home before I show it to them?

Answer: You can ask potential buyer if they are planning on getting a mortgage or paying cash. If they are getting a mortgage do not hesitate to ask them for a pre-qualification letter from their lending institution. If they are paying cash, you may request proof of funds.

Question: What if I don't know the right attorney to write the contract, review it and help me with the closing?

Answer: If a realtor sells your home they will write up the contract and the attorney of your choice will review it and get you through to closing. We recommend doing a google search for a real estate attorney in your area. We would be happy to recommend an attorney to you if you would like us to do so.

Question: How do realtors show my property if I am not home?

Answer: We will set up showing instructions on the MLS listing however you would like. We will also provide a combination lock box so that you may give a code to the realtors to show your property without you needing to be there.

Question: Will there be any additional charges to making price change or modifications to the listing?

Answer: No. Please e-mail any changes to Most changes will be done within 48 hours.

More Questions? Please call 1-844-4LISTFLAT or email us at